Does food fly around in the Air Fryer?

Since a big part of the appeal of the air fryer is the ability to cook foods at low heat for a short period of time, the last thing you want to happen is your food to suddenly go flying around the kitchen. If you are having have been having trouble keeping your lighter foods from flying around when air frying, this post is for you.

Does food fly around in the air fryer?

Yes, food does fly around in the air fryer. Because air fryers circulate hot air to cook dishes, spices and other light ingredients will be blown throughout the basket. It may not appear to be a major issue, but it might clog your filter, resulting in a defective air fryer.

If you’re wondering how that’s possible, it’s because you’re not thinking about what happens when hot air is blown into the frying pan. As soon as that temperature-hot air mixture is blown onto your food, the molecules in it are literally shoving each other out of where they should be. So your fried eggs and French fries—or anything else for that matter—are flying off of your meal with the force of an explosion.

How to keep food from flying around in Air Fryer

How to keep food from flying around in Air Fryer

One of the best tips to keep your food down when air frying is to use toothpicks to keep foods in place. The blower from the air fryer will occasionally take up light meals and blow them about. So use toothpicks to secure meals (such as the top slice of bread on a sandwich).

Of course, you can always use a variety of other methods to help keep food in place. If you want to hold several foods in place at one time (such as when making French fries all at once), you can use a basket or colander.

A basket will have a much larger area than something like a colander, so consider this if you’re looking to maximize the space inside your air fryer (or air fryer oven).

Depending on your air fryer, I’ve also found that most air fryers have a lid with a handle on it. This is perfect for holding your food while you’re preheating the air fryer to cook the food.

In addition,   some ovens have an oven rack that is removable. This will allow you to stack multiple items if you don’t have a basket or colander nearby or can fit 3 or 4 foods inside the oven at once (if they’re small enough).

When you have to cook foods that have a variety of different sizes (such as chicken breasts and wings), it’s incredibly important to use something that will hold everything in place. While some foods will cook just fine on their own, others need to be secure and it can be hard to line them up properly when the air fryer is so full.

How do you keep bacon from flying around in Air fryer?

A lot of people are excited about the new Air fryers because they are smaller, faster, and safer than conventional ovens and grills. But for bacon lovers, it’s not always easy to control the bacon so that it cooks evenly. I’ve tried many ways to prevent bacon from flying around my air fryer.

Set something on top of your bacon like a metal rack. This prevents the bacon from flying around inside the basket. It also helps to keep the bacon from falling out. You can also try using a lid.

Set a metal rack on top of the basket. Add the bacon on top of it. The rack will help to keep the bacon in place while cooking and make sure that it doesn’t fall out during the cooking process like in conventional ovens.

Using Ketchup: A lot of people have tried using ketchup as a layer between the bacon and basket (as seen in pictures above). But don’t use ketchup when you add more than one piece at a time to avoid splattering. Also, ketchup is salty and it might add more salt to your meal which we all want to avoid.


To stop your food from flying around when using an Air fryer, use toothpicks to keep food in place when air frying. Most air fryers have a lid with a handle on it. Some ovens have an oven rack that is removable so you can stack multiple items at once if you don’t have a basket or colander nearby.


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