Can You Freeze Gumbo With Shrimp?

Making gumbo is a time-consuming task, so you want to freeze it as soon as possible. But, Can You Freeze Gumbo with Shrimp?

The process is simple enough. Make a batch of Gumbo and freeze it ahead so that when you need some later on there’s no waiting time required for cooking. But every recipe has its own uniqueness which is why we have this article.

It is possible for your Gumbo and shrimp to freeze together into one delicious dish. But first, make sure that the Gumbo has completely cooled before covering the top with plastic wrap or a lid without touching any of the gumbo cooking liquid inside. Then place it in an airtight freezer bag or container and store away until needed again.

Can You Freeze Gumbo With Shrimp?

Yes, gumbo can be frozen with shrimp. If you would like to freeze gumbo with shrimp, it is best to add the shrimp in during the last few minutes of cooking so they do not overcook. If you have a lot of it leftover and don’t want it to go to waste, put it in a freezer-safe container and freeze it for later. However, if the gumbo also contains rice, you won’t be able to freeze it because the rice will become soggy.

You can freeze gumbo with shrimp by allowing for some bag expansion during freezing by leaving a 1/2-inch space at the bag’s top. You will then need to squeeze out any extra air before sealing the plastic bag. Gumbo cannot be refrozen, so only defrost what you intend to eat.

Gumbo is a dish that can be either prepared fresh or frozen. If you choose to freeze it, make sure to do so before the gumbo has been cooked. When you are ready to eat it, defrost it in the fridge and reheat it on the stove. However, please note that gumbo cannot be refrozen so only defrost what you plan on eating.

Can You Freeze Gumbo With Shrimp?

Gumbo With Shrimp Recipe: How To Make Gumbo With Shrimp

Gumbo is a popular dish that can be made with shrimp or other meats. It is often served over rice. Gumbo can also be frozen for later use.


  • shrimp
  • onion
  • celery
  • okra
  • crabmeat
  • tomato
  • flour
  • bell pepper
  • crushed tomatoes
  • thyme
  • bay leaf
  • salt


  • Start by heating oil in a pot over medium-high heat.
  • Add the onion and cook for 3 to 5 minutes,
  • Add the celery and bell pepper.
  • Cook for 3 to 5 minutes,
  • Add the tomatoes and garlic.
  • Cook for 2 minutes more,
  • Add the okra, thyme, bay leaves, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt.
  • Cook for 5 minutes more and then add the shrimp stock.
  • Add the rice and simmer for 15 minutes or until rice is cooked through.

How To Freeze Gumbo With Shrimp

Cool the gumbo

Gumbo can be cooled down quickly by placing it in an ice bath. This will help to speed up the cooling process so that you can enjoy your gumbo sooner.

If there is no ice bath, you can also place it in the fridge. The colder temperature will help the gumbo to solidify and make it easier to store.

Portion The Gumbo

To portion the gumbo, first, wrap each serving tightly in plastic wrap. Then place them in a heavy-duty freezer bag and label them with the date and contents.

In order to thaw the gumbo, you can place it in the refrigerator overnight or put it in a bowl of cold water for 30 minutes.

Label and Freeze The Gumbo

Label and Freeze the Gumbo: After the gumbo is completed, it needs to be sealed in an airtight container and labeled with the date of freezing.

After labeling, you can freeze gumbo by placing it in freezer bags and freezing it for up to 3 months.


How Long Can You Freeze Gumbo?

Gumbo can be frozen for up to three months without losing flavor or texture. It is best to freeze it in an airtight container so that it does not become freezer burnt.

Make sure it is completely cooled before freezing it in an airtight container. If you are freezing a large batch, divide it into small portions so it can easily be thawed and reheated.

Can you freeze gumbo twice?

Yes, gumbo can be frozen multiple times without compromising the flavor or texture. In fact, many people prefer to freeze gumbo because it allows the flavors to meld together and creates a richer dish.

In order to freeze gumbo, it is important to seal it in an airtight container. This will prevent freezer burn and maintain the flavor of the gumbo.

Is it safe to freeze gumbo?

Yes, it is safe to freeze gumbo. In fact, you can freeze it for up to three months. Just be sure to let it thaw completely before reheating.

How long can you keep gumbo in fridge?

Gumbo can be stored in the fridge for up to four days. The longer it is stored, the tougher it will become. If you want to thaw gumbo overnight, make sure to put it in the refrigerator before cooking.

How do you keep gumbo from spoiling?

Cook gumbo in small batches and freeze it for later. Make sure to seal it tightly in a container or wrap it with plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn.

If you are unable to refrigerate your gumbo, there are a few alternatives. You can place the gumbo in a cooler with ice and water for up to four hours. If you have more time, you can reheat the gumbo on the stove by boiling it for 10 minutes or letting it cool completely first.

How long does homemade gumbo last in the fridge?

Homemade gumbo can last in the fridge for up to four days. The flavors will continue to develop the longer it sits, so it’s best to wait a few days before eating it. However, if you can’t wait that long, it’s still safe to eat and will taste great.


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