Will an Air Fryer damage a Granite Countertop?

It’s no secret that kitchen appliances like air fryers produce heat in order to cook our meals. What is worrying is how that heat may be causing damage to the countertop surfaces on which the machine is placed.

It’s no secret that the air fryer has become an increasingly popular appliance to buy in recent years. These days, we can find them tucked away on kitchen counters at our grocery stores, or standing in bold advertising placements in the middle of the supermarket aisle. The air fryer is not without controversy, however. Some critics warn that these versatile gadgets may be too good to be true and give granite countertops a bad name.

Granite is one of the most heat-resistant and long-lasting countertop materials. It can resist temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees. On top of a granite countertop, you may utilize kitchen appliances such as an air fryer, microwave, instant pot, and slow cooker.

Now, will an air fryer damage a granite countertop?

When switched on, air fryers frequently produce a tiny amount of heat below. This isn’t generally enough to harm your granite countertop or stone worksurface, but it’s something to think about. However, if you are considering an air fryer, make sure you have a thick granite countertop. An air fryer can damage a granite countertop, and if you mishapally use it on a thin countertop, it could crack the countertop.

Why is that a concern?

To understand why granite countertops are prone to damage from air fryers, you first have to understand how an air fryer works.

What happens inside an Air Fryer?

At the end of the cooking time, the air fryer switches off by releasing a small amount of heat. It can take a minute or so for all the hot food in the basket to cool down before you can remove it. This causes steam or condensation in your basket and on your granite countertop. If there’s a gap between the air fryer and your granite countertop, this could cause moisture to drip onto it.

An Air Fryer should not be used on any countertop that has been cut using the acid etching method. You should also avoid putting an air fryer on marble, tumbled stone, or glass-topped countertops. You’ll know you have one of these if you can see through the top of your granite countertop. Avoid placing your air fryer on a countertop with cracks or chips. Ideally, you should avoid placing the air fryer directly on the countertop.

You can instead place it on a piece of heat-resistant glass, granite sheeting, or an insulating pad to protect your countertop. You can find these online or at home improvement stores. To protect your countertop further, place something underneath the air fryer to catch any drips and keep them from reaching your countertop.

Will an Air Fryer damage a Granite Countertop?

What to put under air fryer to protect countertop

To protect the countertop, place any heat-resistant material beneath your air fryer. However, it should be flat, heat resistant, scratch-proof, and provide a non-skid surface for your air fryer. I’ve compiled a list of the six items to place beneath an air fryer to protect the tabletop.

If you’re searching for a cheap solution to shield your countertop from extreme heat, old plain ceramic tiles will do the trick. You may also utilize ceramic tiles that were leftover from previous home builds.

These ceramic tiles are heat resistant and simple to clean. However, there are certain issues with ceramic tiles. These tiles are hefty and have a little elevation towards the edge, where some dust is constantly left after washing.

If you have an extra bamboo chopping board, you may use it to protect your kitchen countertop by placing it beneath your air fryer. These are also suitable as a hardwood cutting board in terms of heat resistance.

You may easily find this in your local market or on other online e-commerce websites. It may be used to chop veggies as well as surface protection for your air fryer.

Extra large heat resistant mat for air fryer

EP Home offers an extra-large heat-resistant mat for the kitchen countertop, measuring about 23.6×15.75inches. The additional size allows you to cut into the size that is compatible with your appliances. However, the size covers a big portion of your kitchen surface.

The Extra Large Versatile Silicone Mat can shield your kitchen surfaces from air fryer heat as well as scratches, burns, and other hazards. The mat is also great for food prep and may be used as a dining table mat.

This mat has excellent heat resistance, with temperatures ranging from 180°F to 480°F. Most air fryers can only reach temperatures of 400°F. As a result, these mats can readily withstand high temperatures and protect your countertop from heat damage.

It also keeps your kitchen equipment from rolling about. The nonstick surface is extremely easy to clean and dishwasher safe, making it ideal for the kitchen. Because it is very flexible and robust, it will be an excellent air fryer accessory in the long term.

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As tiny as an air fryer, it generates heat that can break and harm your granite countertop. As a result, always use heat-resistant tabletop coverings or any of the products listed above. These items may prevent heat from reaching your counter.

Silicone mats, hardwood cutting boards, and glass cutting boards are excellent heat insulators that also provide a non-slip surface. They are washable and reusable for an extended period of time. So why should you take a chance with your countertop? You can purchase fantastic countertop covers for your air fryer for a little investment.

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