Ninja AF101 vs Ninja AF161 Air Fryer: Which One Is Better?

Air fryers are super popular right now, and there is a lot of confusion over which air fryer to buy. There are different types of air fryers available such as the Ninja AF101 or the Ninja AF161.

You want to choose which one of these Ninja Air Fryers is the best for your kitchen. This article will help you make that decision with clear information about both the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer vs AF161 Air Fryers

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer Overview

The best Airfryer

The Ninja AF101 is a great air fryer for those who are looking to cook their favorite fried foods without having to worry about the amount of fat being cooked in.

The temperature range is 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives you a lot of flexibility when cooking. Additionally, it has been tested against deep-fried French fries and came out as the better option.

It has a ceramic-coated nonstick basket and crisper plate that can fit up to 2 pounds of French fries. The air fryer also has a preheat feature of 3 minutes, which will help you get the best results from your food. Additionally, all the dishwasher-safe parts make it easy to clean the basket, crisper plate, and multi-layer rack.


  • The Ninja AF101 is smaller and lighter, making it easier to store on a countertop.
  • The cost of the AF101 is less than the counterpart.
  • It has more features that some small air fryers don’t have, such as broil and max crisp functions.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • The temperature range is wide.
  • It cooks food evenly and quickly.
  • The low fan speed and low temperature are great for dehydration.
  • Dishwasher safe parts make it easy to clean up later on.


  • The fan can be loud
  • Difficulty with steak
  • The grate in the bottom of the fan is hard to clean.

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Ninja AF161 Air Fryer Overview

Instant air fryer

The Ninja AF161 Air Fryer is a high-quality appliance that has been designed to make your life easier. It features Max Crisp Technology, which ensures that your food is cooked evenly and to perfection.

The 5.5 QT ceramic-coated nonstick basket and crisper plate fit 3 pounds of french fries or chicken wings, so you can cook large quantities at once.

The Ninja AF161 Air Fryer is a 7-in-1 appliance that lets you air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat and dehydrate food. It’s dishwasher safe with a nonstick ceramic interior and comes with a 5.5 qt basket and 20 recipe books. If you’re looking for an XL air fryer, the Max XL AF101 is also available on Amazon.


  • The Ninja AF161 air fryer is a great option for those who are looking for an appliance that offers a wide temperature range and multiple cooking functions.
  • It’s also a good choice for people who want an air fryer that doesn’t take up too much counter space.
  • In addition, the Ninja AF161 is more affordable than some of the other models on the market.
  • Comes with a 20 recipe book
  • Max crisp technology.
  • Dishwasher safe with nonstick ceramic


  • A bit difficult to clean.
  • No side baskets

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Comparison between Ninja Af101 vs Af161 Air Fryers


The Ninja AF101 has a capacity of 4 quarts. This is ½ quart less than the 5 qt., the capacity of the Af161. The circular basket can limit the amount of food that can be cooked at a time.


The Ninja Af161 is a more powerful air fryer than the Ninja Af101. The AF101 has a weight of 14 pounds and a power rating of 1500 watts, while the AF161 has a weight of 7 pounds and a power rating of 1750 watts.

Cooking Functions

Ninja AF161 has 7 build-in functions, including Dehydrate, Reheat, Bake, Air Broil and Air Roast. These functions make the air fryer a versatile kitchen appliance.

The Ninja AF161’s cooking capacity is the same as that of the Ninja AF150. So if you are looking for an air fryer with a larger cooking capacity, then you should consider the Ninja AF161.

Heating Element

The Ninja AF101 and AF161 air fryers have different heating elements. The AF161 has a powerful 1750W heating element, while the AF101 has a less powerful 1500W heating element. This means that the AF161 will heat up faster than the AF101.

Color, Size and Weight

The Ninja Af101 and AF161 air fryers are nearly identical in shape and size, but the AF161 is heavier and more expensive. The AF161 has a glossier finish than the AF101, which only comes in one color – grey. The Ninja Af161 uses about 75% less oil than deep frying to prepare healthy food for your family at home.

Both air fryers have a wide temperature range. The Af101 has a 4qt basket, while the Af161 has a 5.5qt basket. The Ninja Af101 is a lightweight design and fast cook feature while the Ninja af161 is more compact and offers dehydration features

Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, the Ninja Air Fryer is used to cook like a convection oven. This means that there are no preheating times required, and it’s very energy-efficient.

These benefits are worth considering when picking the right air fryer for your kitchen. The Ninja Foodi AF161 offers a few more features than the Ninja Af101. For example, the AF161 automatically pauses cooking time when you remove the basket; this is a great feature if you need to step away from the kitchen for a moment.

Ceramic Coated

Both the Ninja Af101 and Ninja AF161 feature a ceramic-coated interior that resists rusting or damage. This durable finish is also easy to clean, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen appliances.

In addition, the exterior of both models is coated with ceramic for an added layer of protection against wear and tear.

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Ninja AF101 vs Ninja AF161: Comparison Table

Features Ninja AF101 Ninja AF161
Capacity 4 Quart 5.5 Quart
Dimension (Inch) 13.6 x 11 x 13.3 14 x 11 x 14.75
Weight 9.7 lbs 11 lbs
Temperature 105F to 400F 105F to 450F
Power 1500 W 1750 W
First Arrival Aug 13, 2018 Jul 5, 2019
Cooking Presets Air fry, roast, preheat, dehydrate Air fry, roast, preheat, dehydrate, broil, bake, max crisp
Prest Function 4 7
Color Varients Black/ Gray Black/ Gray
Control Panel Digital Touch Digital Touch
Ceramic Coating Yes Yes
Price Check Price Check Price

How to use Ninja AF101 and AF161 air fryer?

The Ninja AF101 and AF161 air fryers are easy to use. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the air fryer and turn it on. The light will turn green when it is ready to use.
  2. Place the food you want to cook into the frying basket. You can either place it directly on the rack or on a baking sheet for easier cleaning later on.
  3. Close the lid of the air fryer and set the timer according to what you are cooking (see chart below).
  4. When the timer goes off, your food is done.
  5. Open up the lid of your air fryer and enjoy your delicious meal.

Ninja AF101 vs Ninja AF161 Air Fryer: Which Is The Best?

If you are looking for a compact Ninja air fryer, the Ninja AF101 and the Ninja AF161 models are two of the best options on the market. They both have a lot to offer in terms of features and cooking functions, but there are some key differences between them that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

The main difference between these two models is their size. The Ninja AF101 is smaller than the max XL model, with a capacity of 4 qt compared to 5.5 qt on the Af161.

This means that if you are cooking for a large family or party, you will need to use multiple batches with the AF101 in order to cook everything at once. The Af161 can handle larger quantities at once, making it more convenient if you need to cook for a lot of people.

Another difference is price: both models are affordable options, but the max XL model is slightly more expensive than the AF101 model. However, when you consider all of its features and versatility, it offers better value for money than the AF101 does.

So if you are looking for an air fryer that has a wide range of functions and can accommodate larger quantities, then the Ninja AF161 Max XL is the better option.


What is the main difference between Ninja Air Fryer AF101 and AF161?

The main difference between the Ninja Air Fryer AF101 and the Ninja Air Fryer AF161 is the number of cooking functions available on each air fryer. The Ninja AF101 has a glossy finish and a slight size difference, while the Ninja AF161 is slightly bigger and has a matte finish.

Additionally, the Ninja AF101 has a 4 qt. cooking capacity while the Ninja AF161 features a 5-quart capacity. Another key difference is that the exterior of the Ninja AF101 is black and gray, while the exterior of the ninja AF161 is grey.

Finally, although both models have 4 cooking functions, the higher max temperature limit of 450F for the ninja makes it perfect for cooking a wide variety of meals with precise doneness as you like.

Can you bake in the Ninja air fryer AF101 and AF161?

Yes! The Ninja Air Fryer can make desserts. In addition to making healthier versions of your favorite fried foods, the air fryer can also bake cakes, pies, and other sweet treats.

The Ninja AF101 has a 4 Quart capacity, the Ninja AF161 has a 5.5-quart capacity, and both models have dimensions of 13.6 x 11 x 13.3 inches.

The Ninja AF101 has a 4-quart capacity and is available in black/gray color options. The Ninja AF161 comes in a high gloss finish with a 5.5-quart capacity and includes digital touch controls, perfect for baking large quantities at once or for recipes that require precise temperature control.

Both models come with an automatic shut-off timer that kicks in after 60 minutes so your food doesn’t overcook or burn.

And like all other products, the air fryer is a BPA-free device, which means it is safe to use with food and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that may be found in nonstick materials.

Its temperature range ranges from 400F to 450F, so you can cook everything from fries to seafood without heating up the entire kitchen or home unnecessarily. In fact, many users find that the Ninja Air Fryer cooks food more evenly and efficiently than other air fryers on the market.

Is a 4-quart air fryer big?

No, the Ninja AF101 air fryer is not big. It is a 4-quart air fryer, which is perfect for cooking four people at a time. The air fryer also has a wide temperature range, so it can be used to cook a variety of foods. Additionally, the Black + Decker air fryer is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store in your kitchen.

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