How to fix Cosori Air Fryer Basket Popping Out

The Cosori air fryer basket keeps popping out. This is an important safety issue and needs to be resolved. It’s a serious design flaw with the air fryer and may get you injured if not fixed in time. However, in this article, we are going to share how you can fix your Cosori Air fryer basket popping out.

The Cosori air fryer basket is what they call air-tight and with that seal, comes with an assurance it will not pop out from under pressure. The basket also has an easy-clean feature that will allow you to clean up any mess that arises without having to break its plastic construction. It is made from food-grade and eco-friendly materials and comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Cosori air fryer basket pops out of the fryer unit because it is made to pop out for quick and safe removal. The basket has a button on top that needs to be pushed down in order for the basket to pop back out for use again. The lower part of the button should be pushed and held with your finger in order for this to function, do not push the button all of the ways down or you will need to utilize a tool such as a flat head screwdriver. The air fryer basket can also be removed by grasping the handle and pulling it straight out.

If the Cosori air fryer basket is popping out when cooking on high, the tips of ingredients may be too close to the top of the basket and are causing it to move upwards. Make sure ingredients do not hang over the top of the basket and cook with a low setting only if possible.

Whenever using any fryer, it is important to make sure you follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions for use. A common mistake is using too much food in the basket, this can lead to the basket popping out of the unit. Use only enough food in the basket to allow it to move freely and not get stuck on anything while cooking. Any leftover food can be placed directly on the bottom rack of the fryer.

By following these tips and tricks for using your Cosori air fryer, you can ensure that your basket stays safely inside your unit by staying stuck to it when cooking.  If your Cosori air fryer is popping out when cooking, a device such as a flat-head screwdriver may need to be utilized to push the basket back into place for safe cooking.

Also, to keep the air fryer basket from popping out, make sure that you have filled it with foods that are similar in size and thickness. You may also want to lessen the time that you use the air fryer basket at 400 degrees since this temperature is most likely too hot for some types of food.

If your Cosori air fryer basket starts popping open during usage for no reason, then you should try these fixes.

How to fix Cosori Air Fryer Basket Popping Out

If you’re looking for a solution to the Cosori air fryer basket popping out, we’ll walk through the parts and pieces of your air fryer, and tell you what you can do when certain things go wrong.

Many of the parts in your air fryer are replaceable, and sometimes you might have to buy a replacement part when it breaks. It’s always worth it in the end, though! It can also be frustrating if your air fryer doesn’t turn on at all — the power button might have got stuck or something got caught in between.

Sometimes that even happens if water has boiled over and short-circuited somewhere. It’s always best to take the parts apart, check each one carefully, and see what the problem is. Follow the instructions, and your Cosori Air Fryer Basket will be back in place – without popping out again!

  1. The first thing you want to do is locate your air fryer basket, which we’ve covered at length in our article on maintaining an air fryer. It might be tricky to locate, but it’s definitely there. What you’ll find is that there is a small hole at the bottom of the fryer that connects to a small round piece of metal. If your basket pops out, you should definitely check this out first. Often times this piece pops out by mishap and it can lead to damage to other parts. If it’s not there, leave it and check in on it later.
  2. Check if the hooks on the basket that clasp the bottom are offset, if yes, you need to fix it.
  3. Place a rubber band around the top of the air fryer’s outer casing. Tie it together tightly where it meets at the wall edge of your Cosori Air Fryer Basket- this should hold it securely in place.
  4. Place the basket into the air fryer, and check to see if it is secure. If it isn’t, try tightening your rubber band a little more.
  5. Close your air fryer’s door, and let the basket sit for 5 – 10 minutes. This should give the bracket enough time to stay in place. If the basket does pop out while you are using your air fryer, simply do step 6.
  6. Contact Cosori if all these fixes didn’t work.
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