Do I Need a Torch for Sous Vide?

People are often confused by the use of a torch in cooking sous vide. Sous vide is an easy way to cook food at home, but you need a torch to sear it.

Whether or not sous vide will work for your needs depends on what kind of food you are cooking, how long the recipe will take, etc. However, if this is something that interests your family then it may be worth looking into!

Sous vide is a new way of cooking food in the machine, but you can also use it to cook on the stove. Knowing how to sear your sous vide-cooked steak without using a torch will save you time and money.

What is a Sous Vide Culinary Torch?

A culinary torch is a tool used for cooking, especially in the kitchen. Most commonly, it refers to a small handheld device with an adjustable heat setting and a fan that circulates hot air while cooking (often sautéing or broiling) food quickly and evenly.

The sous vide culinary torch is a light that emits heat to the food being cooked. This allows for more precise cooking and longer cooks, which saves money. It can also be used in other areas of the kitchen like under a grill or oven where it doesn’t need to reach high temperatures but still needs light.

In addition to these benefits, cooking with a torch also provides more crispy meat while maintaining its juiciness. This is because it doesn’t require an oven or stovetop as the heat source and can cook in water (sous vide) which prevents overcooking.

If you’re not sure if you need one, then this article will help guide your decision on whether it’s worth purchasing or not

Do I need a torch for sous vide?

Yes. You need a sous vide culinary torch if you want to get a sear on your sous vide steak. To get the best sear on your sous vide steak, keep the torch away from the red meat until you see a blue flame coming out of the torch’s nozzle.

Aim the torch at your steak and keep it moving to evenly brown the whole piece of meat without burning any of it.

The Iwatani Cooking Torch is a 9,725 BTU/h cooking torch that uses lighting to provide heat. The torch is designed for sous vide cooking, so it can be used in the water bath or on top of the food.

When using this tool for sous-vide cooking, it requires only a few minutes to heat up. It’s also easy to clean with dish soap and water after use.

Sous vide is a cooking technique that can be tricky to master. If you are new to this type of food, then your first step should be getting the right equipment – like a torch!

How do you sear meat sous vide with a torch?

Before searing meat, ensure that the surface is dry. Next, heat a torch too high and place it on the surface of the meat in a circular motion.

In order to sear meat sous vide with a torch, you’ll need a gas burner or electric stove. To start the grill in an oven, preheat it on its lowest temperature setting and put your food inside of it.

If you have to flip the meat after cooking two times in a water bath (one side should be golden brown), hit them with a hot flame as soon as they come out of the water bath so that they don’t overcook while still being seared.

Sous vide is a cooking technique that uses long, low heat to cook food in vacuum-sealed bags. Cooking sous vide can be done on the stovetop or in an oven and requires less attention than other types of cooking methods.

Once you have the meat cooked and immersed in the sous vide water bath, turn on your torch to get that crunchy texture. The flame will create a sear on top of your food so it has a crispy edge even after cooking through all layers.

5 Best Kitchen Torch for Sous Vide

1. Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

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To cook sous vide steak, you need a torch that can start with the unique trigger and also has an instant on/off switch. This Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch is great for cooking sous vide steaks.

The Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch has a pressure regulator that makes sure the flame can burn in multiple directions. It is also capable of burning propane or MAPP gas, which creates swirl flames.

The Bernzomatic TS4000 offers a unique trigger that starts with only one squeeze. It is lightweight and durable, offering high performance and swirling flames. There are no adjustable flame knobs on the torch to make adjustments for different types of fuel.

2. Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 Butane Torch

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Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 Butane Torch is one of the best kitchen torches for sous vide. This torch has a wide range of adjustable flame settings, which allows you to adjust its shape and size depending on your needs.

This Torch is a perfect torch for roasting vegetables, glazing items, sous vide recipes, and more. You’re looking at one of the top choices that you can consider for searing steaks because it’s made with high-quality materials including stainless steel.

The Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 Butane Torch is perfect for those who want to get a professional, high-performance butane torch. This device has an adjustable flame shape and size that you can use in different dishes. The piezo ignition gives this product one touch of simplicity and reliability with its self ignited feature as well as the safety it provides when used properly.

3. Bernzomatic TS8000 – High-Intensity Trigger Start Torch

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The Bernzomatic TS8000 is a high intensity, auto start and stop ignition torch. It has an ultra swirl flame that will help you cook evenly and efficiently.

The Bernzomatic TS8000 is a high-intensity trigger start torch that offers the best results when used with MAP-Pro fuel. The swirling flame can be adjusted to produce up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit and it has an ignition button for easy lighting or extinguishing of flames.

This pressure-regulated electric heating tool with an adjustable flame knob. The cast aluminium body and the overall performance make this model one of the best in its class.

4. SearPro Powerful Cooking Torch – Great at searing meat

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SearPro is a top-rated cooking torch and one of the best options when it comes to searing meat. The torch’s flame is wide and powerful, aiding in better than expected results with sous vide meats.

The Searpro is a powerful hand torch that does it all from cooking to starting campfires. It has the power of propane torches and covers a broad range for searing meat, roasting peppers, or finishing off desserts. The large capacity tank can be unwieldy but is not too inconvenient when compared with other models in its price range.

The SearPro Powerful Cooking Torch is a great tool for searing steaks and beef. It’s easy to control, with the right amount of power that delivers awesome results every time. This torch also works well in other areas such as Sous Vide cooking or grilling vegetables.

5. Sondiko Butane Torch

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This cooking torch has a flame that is just perfect for searing meat and provides an adjustable flame level with its conveniently located knob on the back of it. The other features are also quite interesting in terms of what they can be used for, such as melting glass or resin with this high-quality butane torch.

Sondiko Butane Torch has the best design, flexibility and usability. It is easy to light with a single click of the switch and it will not need an additional tool for ignition. This torch can also be used for blow torches when cooking sous vide.

What you need to know before buying a torch for sous vide

Avoiding “torch taste” when buying culinary torches

Avoiding the “torch taste” is important when buying a culinary torch. Some torches are better for sous vide cooking than others, so it’s important to be mindful of what you’re purchasing.

When buying a torch, you need to consider the heat of your flame and how long it will last. A promising sign that this flavor is avoided is high-quality construction and low refilling liquid levels in butane torches. Avoid a standard blow torch for cooking as well because they aren’t made for use with food products.

The temperature range of your kitchen torch

The range and temperature of your kitchen torch are crucial factors that should impact your choice. A kitchen torch can also be used to heat up things like soups, sauces, or even food items.

In order to use a torch safely, it’s important that the maximum heat output never exceed this level. The temperature range should also be adjustable depending on what type of project is being done with the torch.

Size and shape of your torch

A torch is a tool that can be used in many ways. The size and shape of the torch are determined by its use – for example, it would be too big to use on a campfire but perfect for cooking meat or heating tortillas in your oven.

The bigger the flame, the more heat it produces. The SearPro torch is excellent for meat preparation and charring peppers, warming tortillas.

Safety features in kitchen torches

Before buying a torch for sous vide, you should consider safety features like the lock, finger guard, extended nozzle and intensity trigger.

Kitchen torches are a safe and reliable product. They offer the best value for your money because they last long, unlike other types of kitchen tools that can be more expensive in the short run-for example, incandescent bulbs or an oven mitt that needs to be replaced after one use.

Ease of Use

Consider how easily you can hold the torch. After all, it’s a tool, and if it’s too difficult for you to use, you won’t be able to utilize it successfully. Sous Vide Torches are available in a number of sizes and with a variety of ergonomic handles.

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