Can I use a Microwavable Container in Air Fryer?

can you use a microwavable container in an air fryer? A lot of my readers have been asking me about whether or not you can use a microwavable container in an air fryer. I will do my best to answer that question. You can certainly use a microwavable container in an air fryer, however, this is a tricky situation that may lead to some undesirable results.

You might have seen someone put a plastic microwave-safe container in their air fryer and wondered, is that safe? The answer is, it depends. Most modern microwavable containers are designed to withstand temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). However, as with any small appliance or container that you use with an air fryer, never leave the food unattended during cooking — just as you would for cooking in a regular oven. And keep in mind that many plastics contain potentially harmful chemicals.

To prepare your air fryer to use a microwavable container, follow these steps:

  1. Put one hand on the lid and one on the handle and make sure they are secure.
  2. Pull the handle out about an inch. This will let you release any excess heat that may build up inside the air fryer when cooking with a microwave-safe plastic container. Insert the air fryer basket into this opening so it’s touching the side of the air fryer basket.
  3. If using a metal-air fryer basket, flip the air fryer basket so the handle is facing the other way and place it on top of your food.

The container must be microwave-safe since it’ll be getting hot inside your microwave. It also must be able to withstand both high heat and cold temperatures without breaking, since you’ll be using it to cook in your air fryer.

Plastic containers that are microwave-safe include these common food storage containers:

Glass and ceramic dishes are also microwave-safe, but they must fit in the air fryer basket. If you own a large air fryer with a removable basket (like the Philips HD9220/94 or the GoWise 6.3 Qt Air Fryer), you may be able to use a small casserole dish, baking dish, or pie plate as long as it won’t block any of the airflow from circulating around your food. Glass and ceramic dishes are not recommended for use in the GoWise 4.2 Qt Air Fryer, as they can shatter, which poses a safety hazard.

You should avoid using plastic wrap or wax paper in your air fryer; they don’t allow hot air to circulate around your food during cooking. And while brown paper bags may seem like a good choice, most of them contain polyethylene, a common ingredient in plastic bags that can leach into food.

What containers can you put in an air fryer?

That’s a good question. It’s not as easy to answer as it might seem. You see, air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food to cook it evenly and quickly. This means that if you’re cooking something that comes in contact with the walls of the air fryer, they’ll get burned on both sides and overcooked before they’re finished cooking inside the oven. Because of this restriction, many people have asked what container can you put in an air fryer so that you won’t ruin your meal.

Well, the answer depends on your air fryer. Some models have a metal frame to the oven compartment that you can insert a container on, while others don’t. Honestly, I’m not surprised by this. Air fryers are designed for easy cooking and cleanup. To maximize space and cook time, manufacturers have to make trade-offs like this one.


The majority of air fryers come with a basket, oven racks, trays, or other inserts. These are built specifically for an air fryer. But what if these inserts become filthy, or if you’re cooking a meal that can’t be produced with the air fryer’s basic accessories? Fortunately, there are a variety of containers that may be used in an air fryer to make your chosen meal.

I use numerous containers personally, but in order to identify other accessible choices, I conducted extensive research on containers that correlate with air fryer capacity while still being air fryer resistant. So, the answer to the question of what containers may be used in an air fryer is:

1. Bowls, pots, and pans made of stainless steel

So, can you use stainless steel bowls, pots, and pans in an air fryer? Sure, it’s safe, but only if the container is constructed entirely of steel! Almost every home has at least one stainless steel pot and skillet. They are ideal for frying meals and creating delectable sauces. Your stainless steel bowl, pot, or pan will be appropriate for the air fryer as long as it does not have any attachments that may melt.

Because of the limited area in the air fryer, it is preferable to utilize stainless steel bowls, pots, and pans without loop handles.

Stainless steel pans may occasionally have a plastic handle or a plastic portion on the lid’s grip. If your pan contains any plastic, it will not be safe to use in the air fryer. If you are hesitant, do not take the risk because there are several other possibilities.

2. Cookware made of ceramic

Metal cookware, such as pans and casserole dishes, that has been covered with a coating of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic, such as clay, is referred to as ceramic cookware.

Because the cookware is coated, it retains heat well while without retaining flavors from previous meals. Using ceramic cookware in an air fryer to create stews and soups without using a direct gas flame is a fantastic technique to avoid using a direct gas flame. The heat will permeate the dish from all sides.

3. Aluminum containers

When you think about aluminum air fryer containers, you probably think of single-use containers. They are really useful. Put any meal in these containers, set them in the air fryer, and when they’re done, you can effortlessly eat from them. They are available in a variety of sizes, with some even including a cover and being suitable for numerous purposes.

Having bought an air fryer, you may be interested in buying aluminum air fryer containers. However, you may have a question – what containers can I put in an air fryer?

Here is the list of aluminum air fryer containers which is suitable for use with your fryer:

Baskets – they are a great addition to any home kitchen regardless of the cooking appliance type. They are useful to organize food into the right sizes. They are suitable for sweet and savory foods. They are suitable for fritters, French fries, chicken wings, and the like.

Frying baskets – they allow you to cook items that require a lot of space and don’t require flipping during cooking.

Aluminum pizza pans – this type of pan allows you to prepare thin-crust pizzas, as well as other types of flatbread.

Round cake pans – if you are going to make cakes or a pie, it’s best to use one of these pans. They are made of aluminum, so you do not have to worry about the moisture getting inside as a result of direct contact with the pan.

Tray – this is a great option for cooking pancakes, blinis, French fries, and similar types of food.

4. Glass Cookwares

Of course, glass containers have the advantage of being transparent. This is useful if you want to keep an eye on your food as it cooks. In addition to being transparent, glass is an excellent material for quickly warming up and not retaining flavors from previous meals.

Glass is rarely utilized as a material for pans and cooking tools that come into contact with a direct flame. It is most commonly seen in bakeware such as roasting pans and pie plates.

Because glass can withstand oven temperatures, it can be used in an air fryer. However, allow the glass to cool gently, as dropping the temperature of the glass too rapidly might cause it to fracture.

5. Silicone Containers

Believe it or not, silicone cookwares may be used in an air fryer. The material is soft, bendy, and malleable, making it ideal for baking and other sorts of cookery that require taking things out of a container effortlessly. Silicone loaf and muffin pans are ideal for baking in an air fryer.

Silicone is a kind of plastic that does not melt unless it is ignited. This means it may be used safely in ovens and air fryers without melting. Just in case, make sure your silicone molds are intended for cooking.

The major advantage of utilizing silicone is the ease with which the food can be removed from the container. We’ve all struggled to get brownies out of greaseproof paper or to pull a cupcake out of the cupcake paper wrapper. Silicone is an excellent answer to these issues.

Can you put microwavable plastic in an air fryer?

Wondering if you can put microwavable plastic in the air fryer? No, you can’t. Air fryers circulate heat at a high temperature which may cause the microwavable plastic to melt and potentially start a fire. This can be easily avoided by not placing the plastic in the air fryer.

Plastics contain some dangerous chemicals that are not safe for human consumption. It has a low melting point and can release toxic fumes. The inhalation of these fumes can be harmful to your health and may cause breathing problems.

Another potential risk is the damage to the machine that could also occur with a broken item that has sharp edges. So, really there is no need to put microwavable plastic in the air fryer or use it as a container for food items.
If you still want to use it in air fryer, there are two choices available:

  1. If you buy an air fryer from a reputable brand, they will provide safe containers that can be used in your air fryer. These containers are made specifically for air fryers and they are microwave safe. So, feel free to use them with your machine.
  2. If you want to use one of your own microwavable containers that have plastic materials then make sure that it is thick enough to prevent melting or any harm done to the machine or yourself.
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