Can You Make Candied Fruit Without Corn Syrup?

A traditional method for making candied fruit is to put the fruits in a pot of boiling water with some corn syrup. But, what if you don’t want to use any corn syrup? Most people would assume that candies are sweetened with corn syrup because this is what they’ve always seen. But did you know … Read more

Can Jalapeno Poppers Be Frozen?

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Can You Refreeze Corn?

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Can You Freeze French Onion Soup?

The idea of freezing French onion soup is a little foreign, as most recipes call for cooking the onions and beef stock before adding any cheese. It’s possible to freeze a French onion soup in an airtight container. Although freezing the soup may change the flavor and consistency of the dish, it will still work … Read more

Can You Use A Food Processor Instead Of A Blender?

Food processors are quickly becoming the kitchen appliance of choice. They can blend, chop, and puree so many different things that it is hard to know where to start in your kitchen. With a food processor, you have more power than with any other appliances like blenders or immersion hand mixers. You will not only … Read more

Can You Refreeze Frozen Pizza?

We all love pizza, but it can be a bit of an issue when you’re trying to keep the family happy and healthy. The problem with frozen pizza is that if left in your freezer for too long, it starts to absorb moisture from its surroundings. If you are like most people, chances are that … Read more

Can You Cook Frozen Hot Dogs on the Grill?

Methods have proven that there are other ways by which we can prepare our frozen hot dogs. In this article, you shall be guided on all necessary things you need to know as regards cooking frozen hot dogs on the grill. Can you cook frozen hot dogs on the grill? Yes, you can cook frozen … Read more

Can You Freeze Cashew Cheese?

Cashew cheese is a vegan substitute for dairy cheese. It’s made from soaked cashews, water, and seasonings. You may have wondered if cashew cheese can be frozen. Here in this article, we shall provide an answer to that, and many more other things you need to know about freezing cashew cheese that would be made … Read more

Can You Drink Evaporated Milk?

The presence of evaporated milk may not be the most appealing thing in your refrigerator but if you want an easy way to get calcium and vitamin D, evaporated milk is a great option. Evaporated milk has been boiled down to remove about 60% of the water content and 40% of the fat. Can you … Read more